We deliver a range of security screening equipment solutions designed to detect banned and prohibited items at security checkpoints, checked baggage, cargo and ports and borders.

People Screening
We are offering Security scanners and walk-through metal detectors (WTMD).

X-ray inspection systems
We are offering automated, integrated, and frictionless solutions for the highest level of visitor/passenger convenience while delivering the maximum level of threat detection. These systems can also be combined with Explosive Detection and automated software (APIDS, AI etc.) to help the operator to detect prohibited items and objects.

Automated Tray Return System (ATRS)
We are offering several automated solutions to increase operational efficiency while enhancing the visitor/passenger experience.

Explosive Trace Detection
We are offering x-ray inspection systems (EDS CB and EDS HB) and hand-held and desktop trace detection of explosives and drugs using advance algorithms and Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) depending on the solution. These systems are delivering the maximum level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate.

Cargo and Vehicle screening
We are offering systems that can scan cargo containers, trucks, railcars, buses, and passenger vehicles to help authorities search for narcotics, weapons, nuclear material, undeclared goods, and other contraband at ports of entry, border crossings, military facilities, and other checkpoints.

Radiation Portal Monitors
we are offering radiation portal monitors (RPM) and handheld devices that use passive scanning technology to help security, safety and emergency personnel detect and identify radioactive materials in vehicles, cargo, scrap metal and the environment.