We have a wide range of products to secure your entrance, perimeter, airside to landside, secure areas within a building and many more use cases.  When we install speed gates, we often integrate them with our customers security systems, it can be Access Control, CCTV, Fire alarm system or an Incident Management System (IMS). Card readers can be mounted on the gates for easy access through the access control system.

Speed Gate
We offer a range of entrance control gates that are designed to blend in with the aesthetic of their surroundings, making users feel welcome and unobstructed while providing robust security. Ideal for interior locations, such as offices, data centres, stores, and transport hubs.

Anti-Return Gate
We offer a few different versions gate that provides robust security at airport arrivals by preventing passengers from returning into secure or sensitive areas once cleared. As passengers arrive at their destination airport, our gates enable fast flow of high passenger volumes and prevent any passenger from returning or passing from landside back to airside.

Revolving door
At locations where a bit higher security is needed a revolving door can enable smooth entry and exit for two-way traffic flow while also sealing the building from the elements and providing a robust barrier when locked. The revolving doors that we offer are beautifully designed to complement the smartest foyer designs and present an impressive welcome to visitors.

Security Portal
Our security portals can provide the highest level of access security for cases such as Government buildings, banks, critical infrastructure, and data centres. Presenting a solid barrier with motorised single person access, our portals are compact in design and can be integrated with your access control system (card reader, biometric etc.).

We have a turnstile range that includes simple tripod turnstiles, which can be easily and cost-effectively installed into any internal or external location, and full-height turnstiles for situations that require extra robustness and crowd control. Ideal for public venues that attract large crowds, such as sports stadiums and large entertainment venues but also for perimeter at for example an airport.