Intruder Alarm Systems provide a well proven and robust level of security for buildings, assets and people.  IP Security provides a full range of intrusion solutions including local and remote monitoring.
We design solutions to prevent unwanted false alarms, using the right detection devices for the environment such as dual technology movement detectors. IP Security monitor and report on false alarms and take a proactive approach to rectifying and issues. We are taking in factors like location, environment, value and layout.

Our systems are often integrated to a unified security system and utilising cause and effect programming we can display alarm activity with relevant CCTV footage and access control alarms. We remotely monitor our Intruder systems; the response can be a local operating centre or an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

We use the most common dual path signalling alarm transmitters with ethernet and 4G to ensure in the event of a line attack or network failure we can signal to the ARC.