CCTV has become central to all security and will often be used as part of a larger unified or integrated system. CCTV systems will often incorporate access control, intrusion detection alarms, intelligent analytics, viewing APPs and other supplementary security & fire systems that can help prevent and stop crime, aid prosecutions, reduce loss, provide a safe environment, read license plates and provide valuable data and business information.

All our systems are always tailored to meet your specific needs and we have a strict process that we follow to ensure that the system meet the expectations. When we design each system, we have a large variety of different camera models such as dome, bullet, PTZ, panoramic, dual lens etc. with color or thermal optics that we use to design the best possible system.
Since the cameras are evolving all the time, thinking about resolution, frame rates, recording type and bitrate optimization have also become a key factor in the design of the system since it has a large impact on storage, performance and network performance. We can also use PTZ cameras together with video analytics to our radar solutions. Read more about our radar solutions in “Situational Awareness”.

IP Security take great pride in offering NDAA compliant cameras from well-known and established vendors. With the growing reliance towards network technologies, businesses have become more exposed to cyber security threats. IP based security systems can be vulnerable to attack.
IP Security implement a rigid password policy and we work with our clients to deploy network hardening methods and approach every design with cyber security being part of the solution.