Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) has become a very powerful CCTV based application using either standard cameras loaded with ALPR software or specialised cameras ALPR to enable identification, logging, and monitoring of vehicle number plates.

What is important using ALPR is that the more correct and accurate reads you get, the better the outcome you have. High accuracy means that you increase your earnings on parking, less admin to correct reads in systems, less problem with gate control etc. With the introduction of AI and deep learning, the ALPR algorithms have become increasingly more powerful and accurate.

ALPR can be used for many types of applications, the most used for us is for parking enforcement and gate control.  For parking enforcement, we use mobile cameras mounted on a vehicle and/or fixed cameras depending on the solution. The cameras are then integrated into our unified platform, from our platform we have integrated with the most common parking app and permit vendors.
We can also integrate with other solutions such as CCTV, access control and intercom in the same system.

For gate control we can control gates and the ALPR solution is often integrated with the access control system. We can either add the license plate as a credential or we can work with lists.