At IP Security we believe that Access control is an essential part of security and risk management in any organization. It ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive resources, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential damage. It also helps organizations comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

To meet NIS2 regulations we can offer card readers and cards that meet the requirements. IP Security provides top-of-the-line TCP/IP based access control to protect sensitive data, ensure safety, and maintain security.
IP Security have specialized in systems ranging from simple systems to complex multi-level authentication systems across multiple buildings and even countries.  To enhance the capabilities of the access control system we recommend integrating it with a unified security platform that can handle cameras, intercom, radars, intrusion detection, intercom and many other solutions combined with the access control system.

We can manage credentials and privileges in a unique way. Using the ability to escalate alarms, provide CCTV images of critical information and activate threat levels. We can provide intelligence lead security management for our customers. IP Security have specialized to offer integrated systems and we have extensive experience and knowledge about this.  We offer a variety of different readers that can be connected to the door controllers. They support mobile credentials, biometric, MFA, UHF, facial recognition and QR codes.